Island of Japan Ishigaki Okinawa

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Okinawa is very important because of its strategic location. The US have their biggest overseas military installation here. They are here since the end of the 2nd World War. This island and the American base played a very important role. Now again it has come out in limelight.

Okinawa is an ancient island were from Kings of Ryukyu Kingdom used to rule about 500 years back. The palace is in Shurijo Castle.

Peace Memorial Park built on muni hill, where Americans fought with Japanese during the 2nd World War. It is the place of the last confrontation. This park has a lot of facilities, statues. ‘Perfectual Peace Memorial Museum’ is also situated there. The famous ‘Cornerstone of peace’ is placed there.

Okinawa world is a theme park on a tradition of Okinawa, it’s culture and performing art. Tourists must visit the Gyoukusendo cave which is a wonder of nature.

Other tour spot includes Coral reefs near to Naha city. It is a very good spot for watching and many different types of fishes.

Treasure Island of Japan

Local peoples market is Machigwa public market.

Visitors can have a stroll around, but visitors will need to have an English-speaking guide to bargain with the shopkeepers. Welcome the tourist much, as they have some strain situation with the westerners.

This is the biggest US base in Asia is an off-limits area for normal visitors, and special pass required for entry and look around.

Ruins of Nakagusuku castle are a world heritage marked by UNESCO. This is on the top of the hill and about 170-meter height. It has been built by limestone, extraordinary masonry work, and workmanship. View from the wall is magnificent. Nearby the castle ruins are the residential area. Well to do farming families reside there.

Canoeing through the swamp, and enjoying a different kind is an extraordinary experience. The canals reach the Kesaji beach in the northern part of Okinawa. There another beach is Obama Beach, which is a well stretched natural sand beach, full of marine life forms.

Yambaru Forest

There is a subtropical forest called Yambaru Forest.  It is basically a pasania tree forest. It is the habitat of many endemic species like rail, woodpecker, Subaru, and scarab beetle. Nearby are the Yonaha Mountain and Aha dam lake and a beautiful Eco village nearby named Kunigami. The Yamaha Mountain is about 500 meters from sea level and the highest in Okinawa Island. The Aha Dam is the third largest dam in Japan. The scenic beauty of the Yambaru forest from the canoe in the Aha dam lake is unforgettable. Here the water is clear and the freshwater fishes of a different kind can be seen.

In the northern part, another famous dam is Fukuchi Dam in Higashi Village. This is the largest in Okinawa and also the oldest one built jointly by the USA and Japan. This is the main water reservoir of Okinawa Island.

Enjoying Scuba Diving in Karma Island is a tourist attraction. Divers can explore Tamara and Paraiso Reef. Touring Okinawa is for the serious type of tourist. Moreover, friends of presently in service and posted in Okinawa also like to visit here and pass a wonderful time and enjoy the scenic beauty.…

June 19, 2019

Amsterdam Travel Guide Best Places To See

Travel Guide

If you like to travel, then this article will help you ,here you will find many useful information about Amsterdam. Amsterdam is a wonderful city every year to travel here a lot, The beautiful beauty of this place can not forget the tourists. Amsterdam’s main attractions are this cleanliness of the city very clean and safe. You can travel here anytime of the year, and enjoy the beauty of Amsterdam with family. You can plan now without delay, but you must have less idea about the place before traveling to a new place. Due to that you will go to a new place, so if you have the least idea about that place then you will be benefited. In the case of travel and just so you know before, you are very helpful. Each country has different cultures, cultures, rituals, and the major language is the last difference. Amsterdam The capital city of the Netherlands and the center of life.

Tips for traveling to Amsterdam

If you are considering going on holiday this year, or you just want a short European break and want to travel to a destination by yourself, or with your family or friends, then I would seriously urge you to consider Amsterdam as your next European destination! Here are some of the top reasons why people visit this popular city each year.

It’s a cheap destination to travel to

Anyone that has ever looked at a travel website or visited their local travel agent will tell you that some destinations. For example, a trip to a country near to yours will be significantly cheaper than flying to somewhere on the world.

For many Europeans including those living in the United Kingdom, Amsterdam is one of the cheapest destinations to travel to! Many flights from other European countries are inexpensive, and there is also the option to travel to the Netherlands by train or ferry.

And when it comes to finding somewhere to stay, Venere hotels in Amsterdam are a perfect example of just how affordable accommodation can be in the city.

English is widely spoken

Although the main and research from the European Commission states that over 87% of the inhabitants of the Netherlands speak English; having visited the city myself on several occasions in the past, I can confirm that you certainly won’t have a problem speaking to the locals in English.

Some people suggest that the main reasons for mostly English speakers in the country is due to its relatively small size, and because of the need to speak a widely-understood language for business and trade reasons.…

April 30, 2019

Useful Tips For How To Select A Vacation Package

Travel Guide

Many people find traveling abroad to be a stressful time. After selecting a destination, there is still the matter of hotel reservations, currency exchange, and many other details. For those who seek the international experience without the worry.

There are many options available to those who wish to let someone else worry about the details. Many travel companies as there are places to travel, if not more.

There is a large range of options when considering travel packages. They can go from the bare basics, all the way up to all-inclusive. The key is to understand exactly what is desired, and exactly what kind of budget is available. Some packages include airfare and hotel accommodations, while others offer guided tours of historical sights, meal options, and even free drinks.

Laws addressing business, Very important to have unbiased feedback before booking a trip. Many third-party reviewers online offer insight and knowledge of specific trips. With technology being what it is, scammers can easily create marketing materials that make them appear much more professional than they actually are.

Most have an in-depth understanding of their destinations, and are happy to provide information about the potential pitfalls of some. It will require paying a small premium, but it can easily be considered the cost of simply having peace of mind.

Competition is king in the world of travel, so it is important to keep in mind that no price is ever final. With a diligent search, it is fairly easy to find a deeply discounted vacation package. Regardless of destination or budget, finding the perfect deal is easier than most people think.

Why Travel?

People travel for business purposes for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes they’re scouting new territories. Sometimes they’re meeting with potential clients. Often people in a given trade will attend large conventions of their peers, valuable chances to exchange knowledge and learn new skills. Whatever the reason, you want to be prepared for the trip. There are many aspects of business travel, some of which are quite complicated.

Popular Destinations

Lots of business takes place in major metropolitan areas: But business can be found everywhere, from big cities to small towns. Detroit is traditionally a major automotive center, for instance. Most business destinations are also great vacation spots as well.

In recent years, travel has become more and more convenient. Mobile phone technology lets people keep in constant communication with the office. Modern aircraft hold more passengers and deliver them to their destinations faster. Perhaps best of all, the Internet has made it simple for you to research every aspect of a trip beforehand, from transportation to lodging to activities.

Our Guides

Finding great deals, cutting down on costs, and learning about deductible expenses are just a few of the topics you can find here, explained concisely in simple terms, so take a look.

How to Pack for a Business Trip

One of the most important preparations for business travel is proper packing: knowing what you will need for a given trip.

Space Constraints

Traveling light is the best policy, so you’ll want to carry as little luggage in as little room as possible. Most hotels provide free soaps and shampoos to their guests, and it’s likely that anything else you will need can be purchased in small quantities at your destination.

You can greatly compress your wardrobe as well. Items like undershirts and socks have a lot of mileage in them. Likewise, bring a few versatile pieces of attire rather than a variety. To cut down on your outfits’ physical size, roll the clothing into bundles. Not only will this reduce the clutter and burden of carrying individual garment bags, it also helps prevent wrinkling. With a few minutes in the laundromat’s dryer or under the hotel room’s iron, your clothes will look just as freshly pressed as if you’d brought them on hangers.

The Trip Back

A good practice for making sure you’ll have room for anything you have to bring back, whether T-shirts or business papers, is to take something with you to leave behind. But don’t just throw any old junk in your suitcase, be productive. Brochures pertaining to your business to leave behind. …

April 6, 2019

Croatia Travel Guide | Most Beautiful Places in Croatia

Travel Guide

Croatia is a perfect place for sailing, swimming, and all types of water adventure. Being a coastal island, it consists of islets and smaller archipelagos. Aside from boating, there are themed adventure holidays that are offered in the area as well, including nature trips and resorts that are worth visiting.

If you’re arriving at the Zadar Airport, the runway is around nine kilometers from downtown. Zadar allows you to both enjoy the Croatian clear waters and the city’s slow and relaxing way of life. These are ways to enjoy a leisure trip to Europe.

Beautiful Places in Croatia

Getting around Zadar via public transportation is okay, although it could be hard to hail a taxi during the peak seasons and during summer time. Zadar itself is a relatively tiny town. There are buses that a tourist can use for moving around.

The most advisable mode of transportation in Croatia and the town of Zadar is via a rented car. It won’t only give you the convenience that you need during your trip but the comfort and the luxury that vacation to Europe entails as well. Getting to Zadar with the car waiting for you at the airport, simply because you can’t get to your hotel on foot. Unless you’re okay with catching one of the local buses to take you to your hotel, connect with a car hire company that can set up a vehicle for you to use during.

Make Memories

Your gap year trip is going to be a once in an experience that you will remember forever. Well not necessarily. Within a few months or even weeks of being somewhere, you’re likely to forget certain things. I find its better to take lots of pictures with you in them, preferably doing stupid poses, and then when you look back at them in years to come it will bring a smile. These pictures could just have easily been taken by someone else or seen in a magazine. Make it personal, you won’t regret it.

On the same note, don’t just stick to photos for memories. It doesn’t have to be something big due to the problems associated with carrying it, just some jeweler or even a pebble off the beach. This reminds me of something seen on Saving Private Ryan where he collects sand from all the countries he’s been to.

Have Some Alone Time

If you’re traveling in a small group say 2 or 3 people for a long time, you will annoy each other. The close proximity, and being with them for the majority of the day, every day will soon take its toll. This is bound to happen however good friends you are. To try an avoid this, once in a while have a day to yourself and do whatever you want without the others. Your friendship will be strengthened and you’ll all be much happier.

Beat the Boredom

Unfortunately, as exciting as traveling is, there is also a huge amount of boredom. Waiting around will undoubtedly take up a large portion of your holiday. To beat the boredom take an iPod, book, a pack of cards and pen and paper.

Although boring and time-consuming at the time of writing, you will definitely look back on it when old and wrinkled and make it all worthwhile. As I mentioned in another section of this site Off Exploring do a great online diary that you can also post a picture on and let people back home send you messages. These all then get printed out and put in a book for you at the end of your gap year.…

March 29, 2019